Sunday, October 25, 2009

Droppin a Blog For Ya'll.

Here's me with a cool dude Robin and I met
at the Arkansas State Fair.

oday we found mushrooms. Me and Robin, Mark, Sujith, and Sam went mushroom hunting down here in the Conway, Arkansas area and we found some primo specimens. Hell yes. A couple of chanterelles, some puffballs, and a really large bearded tooth. Probably the largest bearded tooth I've ever found. We are gonna chow some mushies and catfish for dinner tomorrow night.

Hey, this is the first blog post (or whatever they're called) I've every written. And I've probably only read one or so - written by Robin. So I guess I gotta just let er rip and if this sucks, I'm sorry.

I've been traveling by bicycle for awhile. Not a neatly planned, linear, cross-country route, but a meandering and spontaneous pedal about. I'm trying to visit friends, National Forests, beautiful parts of the US, and find some killer parties. Right now I find myself in Conway Arkansas, visiting my dear friends Mark Spitzer and Robin Becker. These guys are great hosts and hella writers and college teachers. I've learned lots from both of them about fishing, rocknroll, life, and writing. So it's great to be here visiting these life bros.

I was biking with Gabe and Jonathan through Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Jonathan departed in the crystal lands of Eureka Springs to head south to Clarksville AR where he'll work on an organic farm and live in a tent for school. He's a college student and that's class for him! Beautiful. Gabe came down to Conway with me. He is an immaculate guitar-slingin Mayan poet, who plays a version of "The Song of Wandering Aengus" that'll make a fall into the campfire and love it as you burn your brain and melt into dreaming sleep. Next up, Guatemala it is said.

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